Import bookmarks from XMarks to Chrome

I love xmarks. I don't think there's anything even a little close to this service. I have my bookmarks everywhere and even if something goes wrong I can restore it - always.

Yet I do love android and chrome, too. Let's face it, xmarks for chrome is waay better than xmarks for android. And what happens if you accidentally enable syncing your bookmarks with chrome, while using xmarks? well, it all multiplies. In hundreds.

Here's a little trick you can do to propagate your xmarks to google chrome. It's pretty straight forward, but it requires a little bit of tweaking. That said, you can do that even if you're a total noob. Ready?

  1. Disable syncing your bookmarks with XMarks: click on the xmarks icon, open settings and select Sign Out,
  2. Navigate to your bookmarks management site,
  3. From the Tools menu select Export Bookmarks to HTML,
  4. Open text editor - any one will do - and replace all occurences of ":" with a colon (":"); save modified file,
  5. Open Chrome Settings (navigate to chrome://settings) and in Advanced Sync Options enable Bookmarks
  6. Close settings, open Chrome Bookmark Manager (navigate to chrome://bookmarks),
  7. From Organize menu select Import bookmarks from HTML,
  8. Select the file.
That will push your bookmarks to google and later synchronize with your android device.

Remember to turn off chrome bookmark sync before signing back into xmarks!


  1. Tomasz Wiszkowski, what are the odds? After a few days of frustration with Chrome / Xmarks bookmarks, I find an elegant solution here on your page. Then I notice your name -- and wonder -- are you my doppelganger?

    Thank you,

    Tom (Thomas) Wilkowske
    Duluth, MN, USA

  2. I guess we should have a beer some time to find out ;).
    Happy to see my post helped! Happy 2014!

  3. What do you know about rescuing my xmarks bookmarks from my android phone? Fortunately my sync was turned off when I corrupted my bookmarks on my desktop. If I sync my phone to the desktop version I lose them all. LastPass support has been somewhat helpful but only with the desktop issue. But some bookmarks I've permanently lost, except for those old ones on my phone.

  4. i'm not sure I get the whole picture: you want to sync the mobile xmarks (not chrome) bookmarks with your desktop, your desktop bookmarks are corrupted (double sync) aand.. the merge operation does not work on the phone, is that right?

    reverting the damage done by double sync (google + xmarks) is pretty straight-forward: log into your xmarks account, open *My Bookmarks*, click *Tools* and select *Explore & Restore*. the most time consuming part will be to find the last sync before the corruption, so you will have to spend some time searching.

    unfortunately, i don't exactly know how to synchronize mobile version with the desktop one; one thing that just *might* work is:

    1. once you find the version of bookmarks (in 'explore and restore') that was saved before it all corrupted, restore it and *add a note* that will help you find it later.

    2. next i would do is push my mobile bookmarks to the xmarks - discard server bookmarks and push the mobile only. this will 'erase' whatever you have on server, but.. you can always revert that, right?

    3. go back to 'explore and restore', select the latest version of your bookmarks (that should be exactly what you have on your phone, assuming the sync was complete) and export it to html file. save the file on your computer

    4. find the version you previously added notes to (step 1) and restore it.

    and here's the fun part. this should work with chrome or firefox.

    5. synchronize the xmarks bookmarks with your browser. double check your browser shows you what you see on my.xmarks.com

    6. open bookmarks manager of your browser (say, chrome://bookmarks) and import the file you exported in step 3.

    7. final xmarks sync.

    that should set you up :)